Creating Content with uPerform Express

START HERE: Getting Started with uPerform Express

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Step 1: Exploring the Editor Workspace

Step 2: Creating and Opening Content

Step 3: Recording Procedural Content

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Step 4: Managing Content Languages

Step 5: Editing and Formatting: Basics

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Step 6: Editing and Formatting: Procedural Content

Step 7: Editing and Formatting: Courses

Step 8: Editing and Formatting: Student Guides and Course Packages

Step 9: Searching Content

Step 10: Working with the Glossary

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Step 11: Using Annotations

Step 12: Using Custom Skins and Modifying CSS Files

Step 13: Previewing and Publishing Content

Step 14: Using Author Templates

Step 15: Building a Website

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Step 16: Creating Context-Sensitive Help

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Step 17: Configuring Java Access Bridge